Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frosting is Yummy

Hookay. Typing is wierd with a bandaide. I cut my finger on something....I dunno what...

Anyways, CAKE!

Heather and I made a chocolate cake from a box. With frosting from a can. AND SOME HOMEMADE FROSTIN'! Furreal.

She made frosting flowers on my fork (we had made too much).

It was yummy.
We made it last Wednesday.
And had HUGEEEE slices.
We had halved the frosting recipe, but ended up making it all.
We ended up just using cream for the frosting because my 1% milk made it way too runny.
(i.e. the bottom border=sucky)
So, this was her first time piping on decorations.
We had a blast.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

AP Scores

Hoookay! I found out my AP Scores by phone today.

My grandma let me call. It's eight bucks-but worth it! They lost my scores last year.

I'm impatient.

I feared they'd vanish again.


I got a Five on AP US History! Huzzah!

A Three on AP Bio (I thought I failed it)!



I had never got a FIVE before! I need to bake a cake in celebration.

I'm so excited.


I could dance.

I did dance.

With my grandma.

And jumped out of the chair.

You see, nobody got a five on the exam last year at my school.

I feeeeel smaaaaart.


Roy and I. Hugging in glee. Okay----I made him pose.
But still.
Even my fish is happy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Baked goods '07-'08

This is a boat cake I made with Heather and Brandi. It was covered in Reese's Pieces. Sadly the back of the boat...I dunno the technical term....sank....and there were no icebergs, just gravity.:( It was yummmyyythough.

Apple Pie from Thanksgiving. Okay. It was really good. I ate most of it since nothing was altered for my non-meat-eating-ness. It was Grandma Ople's pie from I made the recommened alterations. Used frozen crust. Still yummy. Now I want more.

Below is the picture of my pumpkin pie. Not my faorite but I had to make a funny picture.:)

Bare with me, I'm still getting the whole, blog layout deal-y-o. So, yeah, it will have a lot of gaps. But doesn't that make it endearing?:)

These are my cinnamon buns off

I love them.

My friends don't have patience for yeast.

Too bad.

More for me.

Just kiddin'

Later I made Paula Deen's rolls. SO GOOD! They're probably a thousand times more unhealthy for you. But who cares? I don't!

August 2007 to June 2008 A Quick Briefing

My new puppy, Roy. Sleeping. I got him last Saturday.

Track in the Spring. This was our 4x800 team at Districts. This is actually after the distance medley, I think. I ran the last leg, the mile.

Memorial DAy weekend at SeaWorld Orlando with mi madre! We got to touch a penguin! So cool!

Kitty found me in late August. She just turned up on my porch. She comforted me when I missed my Prissy. A great kittttty.

My tiny cross country team. :( We finished the season with three girls. It was so fun though!

Me and Heather at the Disney Track-Thingy. Kinda mocking my need to always find a bathroom.

They had nice bathrooms, what can I say?

I got my fastest mile time here, 6:36. Yay.

My first time running the two mile, I believe.:)

Homecoming! This is kinda out of sequence, but whatever. I LOVED my dress. So poofy. So pink. So sparkley. I felt like a Princess! And my grandma, of course.

My other puppy, Teddy. I got him with Roy. I can't get their pics together, oh well.


Okay. I've slacked off. For about a year. I had a good reason though.
My Prissy passed, my junior year was hectic, and Chicky was attacked.
But now it's okay.
The fig trees are full of figs and I have two new beautiful baby boy poms.
And I'm back into baking.
I've already made ganache this summer, it was exciting.:)
Heather and I are going to bake another cake.
So I'll post everything I baked this year.....

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Consumers Behind The Baker

Seeing as my blog is new, I thought I'd post a few pictures of those who are mentioned....

To the left is Chicky. My Rhode Island Red Chicken. She was born in late December and was rescued by me in January. She lived in my living room until she was big enough to go with my grandpa's 50+ chickens. She has first dibs on anything burnt or stale.

None of my grandpa's chickens are ever slaughtered. They live lovely lives laying eggs and digging up my grandma's flowers.

My grandma and grandpa.

(Me on the left, momma on the right)
My mom. Even though she doesn't have a sweet tooth herself, my mom doesn't mind eating my dinners.
We often cook together. She's just...awesome.

Prissy! The snugglies Pomeranian ever (in my opinion).

Here she's sampling a home made treat...yum.

And of course, Heather! My close buddy. We bake together and she often brings our goodies home to her family.

(Not by choice, mind you, I make her.XD)

She's gangsta.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cake, Beaches, and Bears-OH MY!

When some people think of Summer, they think of beaches.
Well of course that's what my bud Heather and I think.
Well, you know...along with frosting, marbel cake, and a blue jell-o ocean.
We were sitting around when our eyes came across a glorious sight- the Woman's Day Magazine.
But not a boring edition of the lovely mag, the silly Summer Cake edition!
And we abruptly began planning our bear cake.
The day before we were to decorate the cake, I made two marbel cake layers. Yesss, the recipe calls for vanilla but I couldn't not have chocolate in the cake. So I compromised and bought the Duncan Hines Marbel Cake Mix and made two 8-in. layers.
Finally Saturday arrived. The Day of Decoration.
We went about dying the frosting and frosting the cake first.
Heather, frosting around the beach/lagoon

Below, It's a smiley face!

Once we frosted the cake we made up the jell-o following the magazine's directions. And then began the two hour wait...
(We killed an hour going to get ice cream. I love ice cream....yum....)
Anywho, in the last lonnng hour we started decorating the victims,er, bears.
Below, the bears. Aren't they cuuuute? Mine are on top, Heather's on bottom.

Compared to the palm trees, the bears are very easy to make and much more fun. We ran into disaster with the trees. Melting chocolate got looked like Hurricane Katrina had devastated our peaceful shores. So there aren't any great close ups of the trees (lucky you).
All in all, the cake came out ubercute!